Monday, November 12, 2012


I found this sign on a clearance rack for $2.00.  A little vinyl and Bam!!!! Made it my own!!!!
If you work in a doctors office you know about those pesky drug reps leaving their pamphlet holders all over the place. Well, we had so many extras, I decided to bring some home and "redesign" them for my employees.  A little vinyl and you have instant remote contrl holders!!  They loved them!  Now, tell me why I didn't make one for myself??? Hmmppfff!!

My darling daughter decide her regular job as an accountant wasn't quite enough for her so she took up bartending. (crazy huh?) Well for her first gig I wanted her to be stylish so I took an old vase I had laying around and jazzed it up a little.  She said it was a hit and swears it helped increase her tips.