Friday, October 5, 2012

Wild N Crazy Bead Swap

Finally, I get to post pictures from a bead swap I participated in with some of the Cricut Circlets. Fun girls and very talented! I tried to label them as best I could.  I hope you enjoy them.
First off is the award I recieved for being the first one finished. I won't be doing that again, makes the wait too long!! I HATE waiting!!! lol This was given to me by our most gracious host Sherry.   Check out that blinged out cat!!!
Now this is called the "Twist" where you pick someone outside the group you're in to recieve a gift and I was picked by the ever so gifted ScrappyKats! She said my blog helps her with her inspiration. Ha! Who is she kidding!!!  Just look at what this woman made!! Be sure to look at the close ups so you can see what she did with those beads!! She's incredible!!!