Monday, February 4, 2013

Heirloom Stamp Show (pics)

I attended the Heirloom Stamp Show this weekend in Gwinnet County. First of all, I know me mentioning Gwinnett County will not mean a darn thing to most of you, but for those that know me, it's a major feat!!!  I don't usually ventured outside the county I live in, Cobb, and Gwinnett County is about an hour away AND I drove by myself !!!!

Okay now on to the good stuff. Let me point out that I do not stamp!!! Well at least I didn't...until I attended this show. I picked up a few techniques and spent waaaaaayyy to much money. It was a 2 day event but I only went for one day, due to the distance. If this show comes to your town, please try to go both days. I didn't even get to see all the demos at the different booths.

I learn a few more things about my cuttlebug (which hardly ever gets used) and I might have fallen in love with it again (we will see) like how to get a deeper impression.  I'll share that info with you too tomorrow. I also purchased the Megamount 6 x 6 acrylic block and 3 stamps, thanks to my friend Sonya G, who is absolutely fabulous at enabling.

OMG!! Then there was the Heartfelt Creations booth, I could just stay in that one section all day.  I had a coupon for them so you know I had to use it!!!

Be sure to check out my blog post on the 8th.  I will post my very first stamped Vellum flowers.

During this entire demo, my fellow crafter M'Liss W. was all in my ear saying "we need this!" I was only going to buy the ink pad, perforating tool and the Vellum sheets, but nooooo M'Liss said that didn't make sense and it would be more economical to buy the whole kit!!!  "You get the embossing powder with it!", she said. Geesh, I'm so weak!!

Here's the kit I purchased that is going to make me become a phenomenal stamper!!!  (yuk, yuk)

This kit cost me $85.00, but has over $100.00 worth of stuff in it (at least that what they told us) We're just suckers for good deals!!

Contents:  Acid free white ink
                 Super fine embossing powder
                 25 sheets of heavy Vellum (8.5 x 11)
                 Embossing mat ( to create raised relief with stylus tools)
                 Piercing/Perforating Mat
                 3 blade perforating tool (for intricate cuts on Vellum)
                 Magnetic steel grid with 1mm holes (use to emboss dots or pierce holes on Vellum)
                 Fancy flower stamp
                 3 pc  pc. softgrip stylus tools
                 Single needle piercing tool
                 Clear clamshell case for storage
The instructor showed us how to stamp on Vellum, heat emboss and color with blending tools and markers. We also learned how to get a dotted pattern on Vellum. When I try this method, I will update my blog with pictures.

Close up of perforating tool

Here are a few pictures from this vendor, sorry about the quality but I was tip-toeing to take them. lol!!

Die cut with hand colored Vellum underneath, The doily above the picture is also Vellum that has been colored.

Butterfly die cut with colored Vellum underneath, heat embossed frame

Dotted vellum and Raised Relief

 Do you see all the stamps in the background?