Monday, May 20, 2013

Birthday Card and Matching Gift Box

My project this month for the Bugbytes DT is a birthday card and matching gift box that I was asked to make, as a surprise, for a dear friend. Now this being a surprise and me not having a picture of my friend, I had to become a sleuth!! I stalked her facebook page until I found single picture of her that I liked and I copped it!!! lol I blotted out the background with an ink pad, embellished and then mad a matching gift box to put it in.
Here is the finished card.
Here's the inside
For those of you that may remember, I told you, in a previous post, about how I like to use the plastic domes with my cards. For details about how to use the domes, ckick on thi link:

The Box
For the box I used my old trusty tool, the enveloper. It comes with instructions on how to make a box top and bottom, but you don't have to use this to make a box. I'll show you how.

The first thing you want to do is place your card in the middle of an 8.5x11 piece of cardstock. Cut a piece of scrap piece of cardstock the length of the paper and as wide as the depth of the card. In this case 1inch. Use this as your guide and mark each side of the paper 1inch.

Then you want to cut an angle on all four corners of the paper.

Fold and crease each side, turning the angle pieces inside.
Glue all the edges together with a glue you trust to hold. I use Scotch Quick Dry Glue. Paper clip the edges together and let dry.
There you have it! the completed box bottom. Easy!! 

Repeat the same steps for the top.

See this 5x7 card fits perfectly in this size box!
Thanks for looking!!!