Saturday, September 6, 2014

Thank you cards and Matching T-shirts

Whew!!! This was a huge project (for me anyway) for my daughter's travel group. They took 42 of their clients on a cruise and wanted something "special", as she put it, to give to them. 

It wasn't so much that it was 42 Thank You cards and 7 T-shirts, it was the fact that it was a time limit. A last minute time limit at that! lol

It got done and she helped out a lot on the cards. I think she finally realizes what goes into making things by hand. In the end, I think everything turned out okay, considering the rush.

Everything was designed and cut with my #Silhouette Cameo. 

This is the card for their clients. 
 Inside of card. It looks blue here but it is actually Teal.

 Here are the matching T-shirts. The Vinyl is Teal except for the palm tree which is glitter black. Each shirt was personalized with their names.
 You know I had to have some bling somewhere!! lol
 Here's my daughter with her boyfriend in the shirts. She said they were so busy they forgot to take a group photo of them wearing their T-shirts. I'm not happy about that, but oh well, this will do!

Here she is learning to "cut and paste" lol!!
 Getting the hang of that ATG gun!

I'm so proud of my daughter and all the members of the #Talented Tenth Travel Group. They are passionate about their work and are doing a fantastic job. There were no complaints about their excursion, in fact many of the clients can't wait to travel with them again and they picked up a few new ones! This is their "side" job. They all have full time jobs! It's refreshing to see young people go after their dreams and work so hard to obtain it.  I wish them much success in the future!