Thursday, April 9, 2015

Super Hero Cards

I made this two cards for a special little guy's birthday. His Mom said he loved Superman and asked me to make him card. When I finished the card, I noticed that I had made the inside from my husband and I instead of from his parents. Ugh!!!  I called her and she said that it was okay because she just wanted him to have a card with Superman on it.  I then spoke to Mr. K.J. himself and said "so you like Superman huh?".  I was immediately corrected by Mr K.J. as he announced her likes "both Superman AND Batman"!  Lol  His Mom was like "Ugh, he keeps going back and forth!" No problem, Cameo print and to the rescue!

This time I made the card from the parents! lol
 This is the first card I made.
Matching T-shirt

I can't wait to see his face at his birthday party! He's such a sweet and funny little man!