Saturday, June 6, 2015

Graduation gifts and cards!

Finally all my babies have completed their graduation ceremonies so now I can post pics of their gifts! I'm so proud of these awesome kids!

These are the monogrammed t-shirts I made using the "knock-out" method with my Cameo. Be sure to check out the Subway Graduation Cards at the bottom!
I used glitter HTV for both shirts. It has been said not to layer glitter on glitter so the knock-out method  works best to give you that layer on layer look. Oh. and I did not follow the standard monogram rules because I did not like the way they looked. (Who says I have to follow the rules?)
 You can find the link to one of the videos I watched by clicking on the lime green knock-out.
Here's some close-up shots. You can see (or maybe not, if I did a good job, lol) that the names are sitting "inside" the black and red glitter, not on top. 
 Love the Rainbow glitter!

I made these subway art cards from a file that I got in one of the Silhouette Facebook groups. I changed the names, colors and the year. I was trying to match each card to their school colors but it didn't quite work out that way. 
I had to mail two of the gifts (along with checks, lol) but the one that was delivered local was packed inside this gift bag that I got from Michaels. The designs is from the Silhouette Store. I added the 2015.

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