Saturday, September 13, 2014

Disney Birthday Card

I made this card for my baby cousin Teigan! This card was made with my Explore (Minnie Mouse and font), my Cameo (print and cut, inside) and my cuttlebug and Disney die (envelope). I love all my machines and I think they work very well together. The Explore cuts very well and allows me to use my 300+ carts with ease. I love the ease of the Cameo's print and cut feature. Best of both worlds!


And here is the little princess!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Fold Card

Hello everyone!  I hope you are enjoying your day. It's Danita from

I was inspired by a challenge I saw in a Facebook group called "Fun Fold Friday". One of the ladies there directed me to a link that showed how to make this card. You can find it here. It gives the exact measurements and easy to follow instructions.

Front of card, fully folded:

Inside of card

Right side

Left side flap

Thanks for looking and be sure to give this simple card a try. I think you will love it!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sympathy Card

I made this card for a friend you recently lost her mother. The inside (not posted for privacy reasons) was a tribute to her mother from me.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Birthday Card

I made this card for my wonderful Mother-in-Law. I love making cards for her because she is so appreciative of the effort that goes into it.  In fact I have a great support system from all my family! I am Blessed!



Saturday, September 6, 2014

Thank you cards and Matching T-shirts

Whew!!! This was a huge project (for me anyway) for my daughter's travel group. They took 42 of their clients on a cruise and wanted something "special", as she put it, to give to them. 

It wasn't so much that it was 42 Thank You cards and 7 T-shirts, it was the fact that it was a time limit. A last minute time limit at that! lol

It got done and she helped out a lot on the cards. I think she finally realizes what goes into making things by hand. In the end, I think everything turned out okay, considering the rush.

Everything was designed and cut with my #Silhouette Cameo. 

This is the card for their clients. 
 Inside of card. It looks blue here but it is actually Teal.

 Here are the matching T-shirts. The Vinyl is Teal except for the palm tree which is glitter black. Each shirt was personalized with their names.
 You know I had to have some bling somewhere!! lol
 Here's my daughter with her boyfriend in the shirts. She said they were so busy they forgot to take a group photo of them wearing their T-shirts. I'm not happy about that, but oh well, this will do!

Here she is learning to "cut and paste" lol!!
 Getting the hang of that ATG gun!

I'm so proud of my daughter and all the members of the #Talented Tenth Travel Group. They are passionate about their work and are doing a fantastic job. There were no complaints about their excursion, in fact many of the clients can't wait to travel with them again and they picked up a few new ones! This is their "side" job. They all have full time jobs! It's refreshing to see young people go after their dreams and work so hard to obtain it.  I wish them much success in the future!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Happy Birthday to My Daughter!!!

Today is my daughter's birthday.  She is my only child but has given me as much happiness and joy and as a house full of children. I love her dearly.

Here's her birthday card.

Thanks for looking!!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

More Napkin Cards

Okay so I'm addicted! Lol!!!  These are fun to make! 
One napkin, different look.  One has a pink border and the other has a red border.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Get Well Card

Here's a card I made for a friend that had surgery. All cuts are from the Silhouette Store.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Another Napkin Card (glue stick method)

Here's another Napkin Card I made.  You might say I'm a tad bit addicted to napkins now. Last week,  I used #Modge Podge with the napkin to make a card.  This time I tried a different method...... a glue stick! Yep, Elmer's Extra Strength glue stick.  I did make sure it said "permanent" on it though. I cut out the "Love" with my Cameo and added some bling. Again, really simple, that's me!!! lol

I also let this card sit for about a week and half, and then tossed it around a little, to make sure the napkin stayed adhered to the card stock. Happy to report, so far so good.

 Glue the napkin cut out to white card stock and trim away the excess.  Make sure you coat the card stock very well.

 Then I added the flower to some purple card stock and finished it with a bow and some bling.

Finished product

Thanks for stopping by!!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Napkin card

The latest craze is now the Napkin Card.  It is simply, as stated, greeting cards made with napkins. I have seen some beautiful cards made with this method and thought I would give it a try but I had 2 challenges:
1. Finding decent looking napkins and
 2. the videos I watched were much too complicated/time consuming for me and

I set out to find my own method, quicker and easier (to me anyway).  Here's the 1st card I made:
and here's how I did it:                        
  Select your napkins
Then separate the layers. Most will have two or three layers
Cut out the portion of the napkin you want as the front of card, in this case, I wanted the front and the back of the card to be covered  so I opened the full napkin and then I cut a piece of 12 x 12 cardstock in half. (keep both pieces, I'll tell you why shortly)
 Lay your napkin over the card stock, leaving at least 1/4 edge all around then trim away the excess.
I used the Sparkle Modge Podge . Side note....I won a huge basket of every type of Modge Podge made at the Michaels Gold  Card event ( held years ago) and now I can finally use some. I have enough #Modge Podge and acessories to last me the rest of my life! Okay back to my post, I rolled the Modge Podge completely over the full length on the card stock, then carefully place the napkin on it.
 I let it set for a few minutes (dries fairly quick) then I used my ATG gun around the edges to secure the napkin, You don't have to, I just suck at trimming! lol 
This is why I think you need the other half of the card stock. The Modge Podge made the napkin top a little filmsy ( I may have put too much down) and I like my cards sturdier so I attached it to the card base.  Press the two pieces together firmly to make sure they stick. 
I like using the Modge  Podge because it gives the napkin a 'canvas-like' feel and is really pretty
Here's the front and back of the card.
 I added a little glitter to front just because I like bling!
Close up.
Add a sentiment to the front and inside and that's it!  Simple!

Thanks for stopping by!