Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Heat Transfer Vinyl T-shirts

Well, my DD bought me a heat press (T-shirt press for my non-crafty friends)last Christmas (2011) and I must admit I was intimidated as heck by it!!! I finally built up the nerve to pull it out and crank it up.  Here are some of my projects that I gave as Christmas presents this year.  I think I like it!!
This is my daughters sorority shirt.  The elephant is silver glitter HTV.

The back. There is bling in the middle of the flowers. (You know I had to!!)

More bling on the sleeve!


I made two of these, one for my MIL and one for my FIL, if you remember from my previous posts and pics about my FIL opening up the hang out spot in the back of their house.....the "tavern". Well, these shirts match the sign I made to go in the tavern.