Friday, December 21, 2012

Mail Carrier Ornament

Now I have to tell you the story behind my mail carrier.......My hubby and I went to family reunion (his side) way out in tim-buck-too. We had to introduce ourselves and tell where we were from. Well when I told where we lived another relative said,"oh my , you have a cousin that lives in the town right next to you, I would like for you to meet".  She goes and gets her and during the introductions, I stared at her and said, "you look very familiar, where do you work?" She said "I'm a mail carrier".  I said "Do you wear a floppy white hat?" She said "Why, yes I do!!" I screamed, "You're my mail lady!!!", She asked for our address and before I could finish it , she did!  Ever since then all my packages are placed very carefully on my front porch. Small world, because believe me when I tell you that reunion was way out in the middle of no where!!  I have never given a gift to the mail carrier because I never knew them before.  I made this last night, at the last minute.  I wasn't home when she got it but hubby said she was thrilled!