Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A different type of Charger

Hey all, just popping in for a quick post in the New Year.

I must say that this request proved to be one of of the most challenging ones I've had so far. My dear husband's cousin asked me to make a charger plate for her boss who was retiring.  Not bad huh? Get this, Tomika (love her) wanted his favorite bible verse on there, no problem.  She also wanted his favorite team's logo, hmmmm, strange combo but okay, I can do that.  Then she said "Oh and I need you to add the slogan from our job....We cure Cancer"(Prostate cancer). What the what????  All of this on one charger plate!!!!  Egad woman!!!  Talking about being stressed out!!!  I had no earthly idea where to begin. I had a deadline and no clue!!! I discussed it with my hubby, my co-workers and my other family members and we all agreed, this stuff just doesn't go together and there is no way to get all of that on one charger. It can't be done!!! I almost gave up, then late one night I decided to google Tomika's place of employment to see if I could get some type of vision or inspiration from their website. Well I didn't, but I refused to give up and let her down because she was so excited about me doing this unusual gift for her boss, I kept playing around and this is what I came up with. She loved it and after taking a second look, heck, I think I like it too. (BTW her boss was totally thrilled)