Thursday, January 17, 2013

Valentine's Day in 3-D

This is a paper champagne bottle and heart. Here in the crafting world we call it "3-D".  I purchased the SVG for the bottle for  The heart is a die by Sizzix.

I watched the video on how to assemble the bottle and it looked pretty easy. Yep, she made it look like a kindergartener could it......WRONG!!!!  It took me two days and a lot of curse words to get it done!!! Then I had to embellish it. I wanted a lot more bling, but I did want to overwhelm it. The heart was actually pretty easy this time. I had attempted it last year and that was a disaster. I guess I'm a more seasoned crafter now. (nahhhh, just read the directions this time!)

Here's a collage of the bottle open and close up shots of the bottle bottle and heart.