Monday, February 18, 2013

Coke can jewelry

Hello, it's Danita from 
This month's project is jewelry I made from a coke can. Recycled, if you will.
Really easy project.  Coke Zero is my abosolute favorite drink!!! So I figured I might as well do something with all the cans I have left over. Just punch a hole in the coke can with your scissors, then cut around until you get a flat panel.  Be careful,edges are sharp at this point.

 Next, choose your die. I chose this one because the ornaments look more like earrings and a necklace. Don't worry about your dies getting dull, from my research cutting thin metal actually sharpens your dies.
For this project I am using my brand spaking new Craftwell Ebosser!!!!  You have to get this machine!!!  It's awesome!!!  No more cranking!!!
I love how the Ebosser takes the guess work out of what plates to use with what dies.
The bundle for HSN comes with everything you need to get started.  This bundle cam with a magnetic sheet for die placement. It keeps your dies from moving around while you are cutting/embossing. Fabulous right?  Here I used repositonal tape to hold the coke can down, dies underneath.
I love how the ebosser just pulls everything through, again...NO CRANKING!!!  Which I love because of my carpal tunnel.  And it stops on it's own!! From what I read it has like a 1000 pounds more pressure than the Cuttlebug.
When you finish, just punch out the pieces. Your edges are no longer sharp and they are embossed as well.

I punched holes in the top with a small embossing stylus and a metal piercing mat, but you can use any type of mat for this.
Here's the pieces with the holes punched in the top. You can double the pieces and glue them together if you want your jewelry more weighty.  They are really light weight.

Add earrings hooks,jump rings and, of course....BLING!!!
I hope you enjoyed reading this turorial.  I really had fun making this jewelry. It's quick and easy.  Give it a try.


  1. Super cute! I would never have though of cutting metal with any of the dies I have! Good use of your new machine too!

  2. I am so impressed with your ingenuity. So clever. Never saw that ebosser, but for sure I'm going over to HSN to check it out.

  3. Awesome! I love them...great job!

  4. Girl you are working that new toy, great project and way to "upcycle" your soft drink can!

  5. WOW!!!!!!! Amazing're soooo good!!!!!! I see $$$$$$ in your future<3

  6. love this!! gotta try this with my cuttlebug and my electric big shot...hope I don't have to put in an emergency order to HSN for an ebosser! LOL

  7. you gave up a 'ten center' for a pair of earrings and a necklace? whooodduh thunk? love these and i don't even wear jewelry! btw....where did you get your metal piercing mat? have never heard of this? another 'something' i need???

  8. Danita, love the jewelry set. You are very creative. I have the eBosser also, and I love it. I have arthritis in my hands. It is a wonderful machine. I must try this idea.

  9. Danita, the jewelry set is really cute. You are so creative. I have an eBosser also. I have arthritis in my hands; it makes embossing die cutting very easy.

  10. Wow this is absolutely gorgeous. Love the way you used that spellbinder ornament die for jewellery.
    Thanks for sharing

  11. Girl, girl, girl you be jamming.....another amazing project

  12. beautiful, & very creative. you are also an ENABLER!!! don't have the ebosser yet(one day)but will be getting this die next time I go to town:):):) Thanks, & God bless you for sharing.

  13. I love your jewelry!! I would have never thought to use a coke can and make a necklace from it. The set is really nice and what a great tutorial.

    I was thinking of getting the ebosser from HSN. Glad to hear you like it.

  14. Hi, Danita. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate it and always try to visit my commenters' blogs.

    I'll have to come back to visit you with a cup of coffee. You've got some really amazing things here. Hadn't heard about this embosser, but no cranking makes it good to look into.

    I love making jewelry but lost my mojo for it a few years ago. Love, love, love the idea of the Coke can earrings. You could market those really easy. Coke, Pepsi, Bud ... any can will do, and there's always a fan of a can. I think a Sprite can would make a great spring set. LOL

  15. super cute and thanks for the tutorial

  16. Super cute thanks for the tutorial