Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Heirloom Stamp Show cont'd (Cuttlebug Metal Plate)

I ate lunch at the stamp show with Sonya G, Debra M and Uneta B.  Uneta B took it upon herself to pull out this strange looking metal plate to show us.  She said it is used to make deeper embossing impressions with your Cuttlebug ( yeah right!) . After lunch, Uneta ushered us over to see the demo with  Helen. Now Helen is an Americanized Asian woman who is funny as heck. She was up against some real Trojans in the comedy department though.  We could barely get through the demo!! In the end, she said we were the best class she ever had and gave us hugs!!

On to the Metal Plate. Helen embossed 3, yes 3 sheets of cardstock at one time!! See? (look below)
 This is the 3rd sheet. You can see the embossing is crisp. The other sheets were as well. She gave us a printout of the stacking order of the Cuttlebugs plates to use with the metal plate. The above was embossed with Plates A and C along with the metal plate and a Darice folder,
This metal plate also allows you to get great impressions/cuts with your thinnest dies. Of course I had to buy one. Thanks Uneta!!!

The glue!!!

I was completely sold on this glue at the demo. Not just because it comes with a brush to make the application more accurate, but when Helen told us the story of how she sealed up her cracked windshield with it, I was sold!!!  I started to buy a whole dang case!!! (We break a whole lotta stuff in our house)  I'll let you know how good it is after I've had a chance to really use it.

I also bought some metal sheets for embossing and cutting, now that I have my trusty Metal Plate and a peacock die. It's really thin. I can't wait to try it!! Helen cut a beautiful filigree butterfly using the metal sheets and metal plate.


 I don't know what to call these things so I'll just call them bubbles. The kit contains the bubles, cards and envelopes.
Helen used foil stickers to create this beautiful cards. I'll post about these too, once I try them.

Check back tomorrow to see the Megamount!