Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Don't waste your money!!

I told you guys that I would come back today and talk about this beautiful card stock that I used to make my aunt's Birthday card yesterday. I was wondering why Michaels had these stacks on clearance for $5.00 each. Well now I know........pretty is all it is!!! This is horrible cardstock!!!
Look at it!!!  Just plain purdy!!  LOL!! I even bought the pink stack too.  In all fairness though, I haven't cut the pink stack yet.  (Now I'm afraid to) LOL

First of all the top layer separates easily from the bottom layer.
Look closely.  This is "Happy Birthday" cut out with my Cameo.
Looks like a pretty decent cut huh?
NOT!!!!!         Look at my blade!!  All gunked up!!! Yuk!! 
  You can see how thin the top layer is and how easy it pulls away from the bottom layer.                                                   
Well one good thing about it can always use one of the layers on a second project. The only glue that I found that will work with this crappy cardstock is Zig two-way glue; even then, you have to Glue and Pat, Glue and Pat!! You can always use it for backgrounds or layers on your cards, but you will have to secure that top layer to the bottom or you will end up embarassed if you gift that card to someone!!!
Well there's my take on the beautiful yet crappy card stock.  I hope I saved you some money, because I'm stuck here with 5 stacks of the crap!!