Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Crafty Yard Sale Haul!!! Score!!! Update!!

So I stopped by a yard sale on my way work (late as usual).  It was 8:50 a.m.  I was told "the sale doesn't start until 9:00 am". Hmpppf!!!  I was a bit perturbed and said I wasn't going back because I don't need anything anyway!. Ten freaking minutes and I can't even look!! Just so happen the girls in the office wanted some doughnuts so I said I would treat them today and headed out to get the doughnuts. Well darn!!! That dang yard sale is right down the street from the doughnut shop!!! My car has a mind of it's own and it whipped down that street before I knew what was happening!!! OMG!!!  What was I to do?? I didn't want to piss off my car, so I got out to give her time to cool down. As I walked toward the "sale" I noticed about 5 women already booted over the bins!!!  My heart sank!!! Too late!! I asked about the Graphic 45 she had listed.  It was in one of the bins being hoarded by the women. So I waited and decided to browse. I turned around and the first thing I see is a Hello Kitty font cart for $5.00 and an ATG for $2.00!!! Are you kidding me???? That right there told me these hoarding women were novices in this Scrap Game and had no idea what was valuable!!!  I tell ya', I don't like to do yard sales, but this one here was well worth it!! The hostess were great and friendly (not the meanies that I original thought)  AND everything was negoitiable!! Here's what I got, all for $60.00!!. I probably could have gotten it cheaper but my heart would not let me do it, I knew what I had in my possession: ( be sure to scroll down to the bottom to see my biggest score!)
 Washi Tape-.50, glue pad-1.00, Distress Inks-1.00 each, Glitz rub-ons-.50 
Tim Holtz embossing folder, she let me have it for $1.00
Bling!!!  .50 each!!
More .50 bling and TH stuff.
 $1.00 Stamps!!
I love this one.....A "Man" Stamp! $1.00
 Now this......she used for her alcohol inks, but it's a Stickles holder!!  Yay me!! $2.00!!
Not sure about this one, but she said it's for spray mists, okaaaaayyyyy. I'll use it for sumptin'!! lol

 Now time for the Grand Finale'!!!

This is called a Craft-n-Doodle
I had no idea what this was. It was just sitting there in the corner all by itself. So I asked the hostess, "what's that?" It had a price tag of $40.00 OBO on it, still it peaked my curiosity.  She said "Oh that's a super cool craft cart, let me show you".  When she started opening up this thing, I started salivating!!! I said "SOLD!!!" She said, "but I'm not finished". I said "I don't care, it's going home with me!!!"  ( It ended up being about $30.00!!!) 
 Look at this baby opened!! You can snap out the storage pockets on the sides.
They separate!!!
The bottom opens out to a mini craft table!! Awesome!!!
  The top bin was full of stuff.  
 Ink pads (never used) mini stamps and handle, a paper trimmer, & an ink pad cleaner
The second drawer has a Circle cutter and blades and more trimmer heads!!
It has a cutting mat stored in the back pocket .
And you can also store card stock, up to 12 x 12. (Ignore my ashy hand, I had just washed them, lol)
The back has extra storage pockets too!!

Who knows, I just may start going to yard sales now!!
So the Hubs said  , "Maybe you should go back today, because you really didn't have time to really look yesterday on your break".  What?????  Well okay then!!! I didn't want to disobey my darling husband, now would I?  ( I'll pay for it later, trust me) Here's today's haul, $40.00:
Anna Griffin embossed card stock and Bo Bunny paper
  Glimmer chips embossed tiles, scissors, AG tags, chip board
 Dies, ink pads, embossing pads, glitter, washi tape, vellum quotes
Stickles, glossy accents-regular and crackle, and IDK what the white stuff is.
Sprays  and Smooch
Craft shelf