Saturday, May 4, 2013

Quick invitation,charger plate & money holder

I made 40 invitations and this charger plate for my husband's aunt surprise birthday party.
The theme of the party was " A Diamond Celebration" (you have to know his aunt to understand that, lol) The colors were purple, white and silver.

All images are from the Silhouette America online store.

Here it is with a black background, see the shiny silver?

Here's the insde of the card, also done with my Cameo.
I took a close up shot of the plate so you could see this beautiful vinyl texture. It's called silver sequin and the picture just does not do it justice!!

The blue is also a sequin vinyl.
Money Holder from the Silhouette Store


  1. Beautiful!! I love that vinyl. You did an amazing job as usual Danita!

  2. You gave your cameo a little "workout", cute invites; love that charger plate!

  3. Hi Danita - I left a comment and forgot to see if you tried to follow on my blog again. I see you have the same problem I do...your followers don't show up. Don't know why on IE it doesn't work, but on Firefox the list shows up. You can follow by email or if you have firefox or chrome, follow there. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. you did an awesome job!! you never cease to amaze me!! love it!

  5. Danita this charger plate is amazing!!! I love the sparkly vinyl!! The invites turned out great too!!

  6. Girl you be working that your creations and I know auntie will also....keep the inspiration coming

  7. Just found your the sparkly vinyl! Very nicely done.