Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Crafty Retreat

Hello peeps!!!  Just wanted to share some pictures from my crafty retreat last week. It was at the Grand Oaks Retreat in Scotsboro, Al. We were there for 4 days!!!

I had so much fun that I'm still exhausted.  I hooked up with some old friends and met a lot of new ones.

This retreat can accommodate up to 20 scrappers, 24 crocheters and I believe she said about 20 quilters.  The owner is Cindy and she has thought of everything!! She has huge bathrooms in each room, with towels, shampoo, lotion and body wash.  Not the small hotel size, but large sizes.  She has earplugs , you know, just in case your roomies end up sounding like they are cranking up an old tractor!! The meals are included and for the most part palatable, although I will admit we had a few bloopers. Since the Retreat is located in Alabama, the south, I would have expected more of Southern Cuisine for breakfast, i.e, bacon, eggs, grits, toast, the stuff real southern women eat. It seems we got more desert for breakfast than anything.

Our group consisted of 11 so Lynne, our gracious host, gave the okay for another group to join us, since we had more room.  We got along great and I have the video to prove it but I've been threatened with bodily harm if I post it!!! I was told "What happens at the Retreat, stays at the Retreat!!" But I will say, I didn't know our Caucasian sisters could dance like that!!!☺☺☺

Okay picture time!!!

This is the view about 2 miles from the retreat

The Retreat is on top of dat thar mount'in!!!

The House!!!  Beautiful!!!
The view from the parking area
The driveway is about a mile long, that's it there in the middle

Another view going downhill
Porch I

Porch II

The Bedrooms
The Theatre Room

Mazie Chillin!!!
These seats are so comfortable, you will not want to leave!!
Entry into the inside and outside dining areas

One of the owner's many quilts. She's very crafty

 4th of July Tree!!!

A crafty way for us to see our menu.

Overall I had a great time!!  I would definitely recommend this Retreat for you and you cronies!!  Hit me up if you have any questions!!

Oh and here's a card the girls made for me at the Retreat.  They surprised me with it and they all signed it!!!  I love it!!!  You know I was crying right?

And, this is what I made for our host, Lynne Buford-Mann. Thanks for planning this trip!!