Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sometimes I actually do somthing at crops, sometimes!!!

Everyone who knows me, I mean, really knows me, knows I don't do anything when I go to crops.  I pay my money to go socialize!!  (One day it will dawn on me that I can do that sh@! for free!!)

While I was not as productive as, well, anyone there, I did manage to make these 3 cards.  I must apologize for the delay. I have no excuse other than....I just didn't feel like posting them and they really weren't that great but here goes:

This one was my attempt at using Copics again (still haven't taken that class!!!) I sketched the image  with my Cameo and designed and cut out the Happy Birthday. The border is a punch from EK Success that I paid $3.99 for at T.J. Maxx back during the summer. (you know I love deals)
On this one I used some paper that I had sprayed with my $1.00 glimmer mists from the yard sale I went to earlier in the year.  It really glistens, but I couldn't get it to show up in the picture.

Okay, I was playing around with this stitch maker thingy that I've had for about a year and never used. I used it to make the border on the top and bottom. Then I practiced my quilling.  I love doing it. I just never seem to have the time. Please forgive my pitiful flowers.  I left my book at home and just had to go for it!!

Thanks for stopping by.  I told myself that I'm going to post a card(s) everyday this weak.
Let's just see what happens...bahahahahaha!!!


  1. Great cards... I socialize and do things at crops.... I just create and I guess the mouth never stops! LOL
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. You're a hoot, Danita. The cards are great. Love your description of the little stitch making thingy. I've passed up buying that thingy myself several times, even though I've seen it used quite beautifully somewhere on the net (just don't ask where).

  3. Love the detail on both cards! I am going to a crop the weekend with a goal in mind, keeping my fingers crossed, lol!

  4. Danita, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!!! You don't think these cards are great?!!! Well, let me say they are FABULOUS!!!

    Hi, my friend! Wanted to drop in to say hi! Hope to see you again very soon now!

  5. Danita, I visited but don't see my comment -- hope it posted!