Monday, September 2, 2013

Modge podge shoes,T-shirt and Birthday card for my daughter

Today is my daughter's 27th Birthday. She is my heart!!!
Last year I didn't make her a card and she looked at me kind of funny, so this year I decided I better get it right.

About 2 years ago she bought me an Heat Press for Christmas so I decided I needed to use it too and make her a T-shirt.  She is a huge Atlanta Falcons Fan so I made her a T-shirt and I decided to try my hand at Modge-Podging some shoes.

She loved them!!!

Here's my projects:

Seychel's Birthday card 8 x 8, I made it big so her friends could sign it.

I added real flatback pearls to her necklace and earrings on the photo. I could not get a good picture of them, but they added dimension.

I added silver stickles to the photo to make it look just like her real dress. When you touch it, it feels like sequins.

The inside of the card, plus it had some $$$ in it!!

Okay, here's the shoes. I was terrified making these!!!  This was my first attempt at Modge-Podge for shoes.  I didn't want to ruin the shoes. I was so stressed making these!! You have to cut little pieces and fit it one to the shoe.  I got okay when my biggest critic, my husband, gave his seal of approval. She had a "hissy fit" (southern slang) and immediately posted them on Insta-gram.  Her friend ask if I would be making any more because she wants some.  My answer.......HELL NO!!! I damn near pulled my hair out with these!!!

Back, I added Swarovski Crystals for Bling
(Y'all know I had to add some Bling!!)

Matching T-shirt

Front of T-Shirt

Back of T-shirt


  1. OMG!!! Danita, these look FABULOUS!!! You did an AMAZING job! No way she couldn't love those! WOW!!!

    Hugs, my friend!

  2. Props to you my sister. You did the dang thang.

  3. Girl you worked those designs! Love them both!

  4. Great job Danita. You have showed up and showed out again.


  5. Beautiful, great job on your daughter's birthday projects!

  6. Wowser! You have to take orders now :)

  7. Who'd have ever thought to try that on Steve Madden shoes!!?? Beautiful job all around.

  8. oh I am picking my jaw up off the so AWESOME!!! I want to try the shoes...soon! thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Those shoes are the skriaght up bomb!!!!!

  10. Those shoes are the skriaght up bomb!!!!!

  11. BEAUTIFUL!! This is amazing how you could do that on those shoes! AWESOME. Thanks for sharing this awesome project.

  12. Those shoes are awesome!!! The card is pretty and so is your daughter!

  13. WOW those shoes or too cute love the tee!