Thursday, September 19, 2013

Persistence Pays Off!!!

Persistence does pay off!! 

I saw a card made with this stamp some time ago on the web and I said I must have it!  Well I googled and went to every website I could only to find out it was out of stock!!!  Refusing to be defeated, (yep, that's me) I track down the corporate office phone number for Loralie Designs. I called and left a message for someone to please call me about this stamp.

To my surprise I got a call back from a very nice lady by the name of Cari. She said that the stamp had been discontinued.  I was devastated!!!  But still I was going to try. I asked her if I could get at least 40 people interested in buying this stamp could she see if it could be reproduced.

Cari said that they had a meeting coming up and she would indeed ask.  I never thought I would hear back from her, so I continued on with my search.  I found one for 15.99 in British Columbia but the shipping was $24.95!!!  Did I really want this stamp that bad?  Heck yeah, but I decided to keep an eye out on Ebay and Facebook craft sells groups to see if I could luck up on one.

I'm so glad I waited, Cari did call back and they were going to bring back a limited amount of these stamps!!! She said she told them," Look, I have this lady who wants this stamp and she has at least 40 buyers ready to purchase them." They went for it!!  I give big kudos to Cari and the wonderful people at Loralie Designs.  It just goes to show that some companies do listen to their consumers.

I  was beside myself!!!  I ordered 60 stamps and sold them in them groups that had showed interest in buying them. I have about 4 left and 3 on hold(had some people back out of buying) if anyone is interested, just sent me a message to my email: cxxcxxcom.  The cost is $12.00 + $2.25
shipping. (Paypal and U.S. only)****SOLD OUT****

I love this stamp!  I think it's so versatile and can be used by any race or ethnicity.

Here's what I did with mine: (still learning Copics and will be taking a class soon)

Look at all that crafty goodness in the bag!

You can't see it good on here, but you her glasses are blinged out in gold! 

This is another version done by Karen.  I met Karen in one of the Facebook groups.  She's really nice and pretty good at using the Copics.
Here's my friend's, Diane Roney creation. Now Diane is really awesome at using the Copic Markers.

See the different variations? This is the perfect stamp for crafters!