Friday, January 3, 2014

Glass Etching with an Air Eraser

Happy New Year to All!!!

I've been busy playing around with my new toy, an air eraser!!!  Yep. I had it since June and was too intimidated to use it. I joined a Facebook group and through their encouraging words, I gave it a try.
I love it!!! I churned out 25 glasses for my family over the holiday break. The men got the tall glasses and I made some smaller ones for the ladies.

(List of supplies needed for air erasing at the bottom of this post)

Here's some of my projects:

This is for my Father-in- law, front and side view. Some of you may remember my post about his little "tavern" he set up in his back yard for family and friends to hang out.The ceiling is made of old fishing rods and reels.  It's actually pretty cool.

Here's the back

Here's my Mother-in-laws (front)

The back

Thanks for looking!!

My Air Eraser Supply list
Here’s what I have for Air Erasing. I hope this helps. What you need may vary on what compressor or Air Eraser you have.  This works for me.

Master Air Erasing kit from Amazon
It has the moisture trap built into the hose

Porter Pancake Compressor from Amazon

Air compressor starter kit from Harbor Freight
(for the couplers)

This is how mine is hooked up from the AE to the hose

From the hose to the compressor

Here’s the Grit I use from HF. I found it to better than the stuff that comes with the AE. It’s like $9.99.