Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Castle Card in a Box

I am participating in an event called #Birthday Card Party for Tammi. Now I don't know her personally but her story is so sweet. Here's a tidbit from the event page: Tammi is a sweet, kind, and loving young adult who suffers from multiple medical problems and learning disabilities. Her wish is to receive 100 cards for her birthday on June 1st. Do you think we can make this happen for her? Tammi likes kitty cats, flowers, butterflies, rainbows, doing arts & crafts of any kind, and her favorite colors are red & pink.

I had to participate because I love making cards and 3D projects. Most importantly, it's for a good make someone happy!!!

This is the Card in a Box I made for Tammi. The file is from #SVGCUTS  and fits perfectly in a 6 x 6 envelope or you can use the envelope that comes with the file.
 side view
 Folded view1
 Folded view 2

If you care to participate (I hope you do), here is the link to the event:

Thanks for looking


  1. Your card is adorable! It's wonderful that you are doing this.

  2. Love love love love it! I too bought the bundle from svgcuts but haven't made anything yet. I love the papers you used, the colors - well, everything. I'd be happy to send a card for Tammi if you tell me how/where.

  3. WOW!! Danita you did this!!! this card is absolutely AMAZING!!!! and I will send her a card too! thanks for sharing the link! oh....and HAPPY AND BLESSED MOTHER'S DAY!!

  4. Thank you and feel free to pin it anywhere you like.