Sunday, June 1, 2014

Stampin Up Haul

I went to a stamp consignment sale yesterday, thanks to my friend and sister craft addict, Diane. I ended up with way more than I went in for (as usual). I have been on this #Stampin Up craze lately. Why? I have no idea! I don't even stamp like that but I'm going to have to start after this!!!
I got some great deals. No stamp set was over $12.00. I think they all are retired.  Here's some close ups
I L-O-V-E these!!! the one on the left was $8.00, the middle was $5.00 and get this, the one on the right was ......... $8.00!!! Now that one has been selling on Ebay from anywhere $34.00 to $89.00!!  I know, crazy, right?
Left - $7.50, Right $12.00
Left - $5.00, Right - $10.00
Left - $3.75, Right - $4.00
Both $5.00
Left - $7.50, Right - $5.00

Left - $4.00, Right - $3.75
Left - $7.50, Right - $6.25
Left - $ 2.50, Right - $3.75
Left - $3.75, Right $2.50
Left - $6.25, Right (CTMH) - $2.50
Embossing powders, glass effects, lace appliques, punch, microfine glitter. All from 25¢ to $1.50.

Now these is the stuff I got for my friend Lynne. We did FaceTime and she spotted a full size
size Scrap Easel for $5.00!!!
Here are the stamps I got for her. All of hers were mostly $2.50 except for one.

Here's Diane's haul (she wasn't as bad as I was)

All in all, I think it was a great haul.
Have a wonderful day!!