Monday, November 3, 2014

Sympathy Card using my Craftwell eBrush

A few weeks ago, I colored this peacock with my Craftwell Ebrush . I am just now figuring out what to do with the image. It has so many colors that I decided to keep it simple and put it on a card.

All I need now is for my Mojo to come back home so I can play some more with my new toy. My creative juices are all dried up. (insert sad face here) Oh well, maybe everything will return to normal when I get over whatever this is going around.

I colored the peacock using Copic Markers and I embossed the background paper with the Teresa Collins Woodgrain folder for the eBosser, also by Craftwell.



  1. Do you hear me saying, no, I am not getting the Ebrush? lol. It's my mantra. Didn't work for me when you posted about the Ebosser - I couldn't get my hands on one fast enough. Now I'm trying to be more, uh, prudent (?) about what I need. And I got the Explore two months ago..... oh, did I say your Peacock is gorgeous? Well, it is.

    1. Thank you Charlotte you are always so kind.

    2. keep on KEEPING ON ... allow your creative soul to recuperate, wander around pinterest and absorb .. and you will return stronger than ever ... * hugs *

      Lizzie Slothouber - Australia <3

  2. Danita, what a beautiful card. I love the colors!!! Thanks for playing along with Mema's Crafts.

  3. Donna , Oh my can you tell me how you did this it is so beautil it is breath taking
    Thank you foir sharing.....

  4. This is lovely and lively. Thank you for taking time to stop by and play with us at Mema's Crafts. We hope to see you again and good luck in the challenge.