Monday, January 19, 2015

Blinged Out Flower Pot Bubblegum Machine

I made this bubblegum machine candy holder using mostly items from Dollar Tree.
The glitter was hard to photograph but trust me, there is a ton of glitter on this baby!
The flower pot, vase and lip balm came from DT but I had to get the lids from Michaels. I actually ended up getting two different size lids because the smaller lid kept falling off.
The instructions call for a wooden ball for the handle on top. I could only find bags of wooden balls or single ones for 3.99. I knew I would probably never, ever used the balls again and I didn't want to pay that much for a one time use, so I came up with an alternative method.  I have quite a few lip balms from Dollar Tree so I popped out the lip balm and used the container for the handle.
 I glued the top together and used Modge Podge to coat and add the dreaded glitter. (I hate working with glitter!!!)
 Here's the evil red stuff being applied to the lip balm container.
I cut a spout out of card board and molded it to form the shape, then I glued it to the flower pot.
Next, I started applying Modge Podge to the flower pot and lids and then on to the tedious task of applying the glitter. I let it dry between each coat of Modge Podge and glitter. 
Here's the pot before the bling.
Here's the double lids
And the finished product.  Three coats of Modge Podge and glitter and of course bling!!I may have went a little over the top with the bling, but I love it!!
Thanks for stopping by, oh and a shout out to my friend Helen for replenishing my bling stash!!!
Love ya!!!


  1. Danitta this is simply beautiful! You are so talented! We need to get-together girl!

  2. Picking jaw off the floor! You need to use glitter more often- you really know how to work it! ;)

  3. WOW, that sure is blinged out. Gorgeous job.