Sunday, January 4, 2015

You're the Balm!!! Lip balm Valentine's Day Cards

I'm having way too much fun with these lip balm thingys!!.

These were made with the lip balms from CVS. They were 49¢ each!! They are larger than the ones from Dollar Tree so I decided to use them in this file that was created by Annette Yoakum~. It's an SVG cut that I turned into a print and cut. (Cause I'm lazy and didn't want to do all that weeding). Unfortunately, by the request of the designer, I am unable to share this file and I do respect that. I think one can easily create a similar one in your preferred software.

Before Bling. (you know I had to add some!)
 Close ups

 This is how it fits on the card
 Here it is with top off, perfect fit. The circle is 1.50 inches.
 This is the stash I got from CVS.
 Here's the comparison. The one on the left is from CVS and the one on the right is from Dollar Tree. CVS has theirs on clearance for 49¢.
If you can't find them at your local Dollar Tree, I've read were people are ordering them by the case online with free shipping to their local store. If you and some of your buddies want to split a case, that would be the way to go. I believe there are 48 to a case.

Thanks for stopping by!!