Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine Crayon and Sucker Cards

Okay,  I made a lot V-Day gifts....for girls. I forgot about two special little boys, KJ and Sean (my employee's sons whom I've known all their lives) so I came home tonight to make them some quick cards.

I want to thank my friend Kat Schriber for posting the file for the Valentine Crayon Card so I wouldn't have to spend to much time trying to design something. I did change them up a bit though. The original card file calls for 2 crayon holders. I changed mine to 3 crayons to give KJ (age 4) enough colors to color the TMNT.  I also made the image a lot larger to give him more room to color. I also decided to change up the one for Sean because he is 10 years old and probably doesn't want crayons. I substituted suckers on his card. I know he likes candy!
I also added a TMNT on the back of KJ's card so he can see what colors he needs to use. He probably won't because he's only four, but it's worth a try. LOL!!
Close up shot 1
 Close up 2
I hope they enjoy them as much as I did making them.