Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cardmakers! You know that card that you just couldn't get right? Well this is mine! First of all, I can't color worth a flip and second, it's a cutesy animal card!!!  I don't do cutesy animal cards!!! Ok, rant over but this took me all day and part of another. I had the nerve to try to use the honeycomb paper too. That went waaaaayyyyy South, but anyway here is a card for my group Creative Card Angels. The recipient will never know all my trials and tribulations with this card but I hope it makes her smile.

The stamp is Inky Antics Balloon Buddies
Again, Thanks for stopping by.


  1. You rock, love your card and I am so happy that you stayed the course and finished it! I am sure the recipient will be pleased!

  2. Honeycomb paper? Another something I never heard of, except premade stuff at the card store (where I never go anyhow).