Thursday, December 24, 2015

Thank You Cards for my UPS guy & my Mail Carrier

Of course I had to make some Christmas cards for the people who make me the happy and keep my hobby going.

One is for my UPS guy who always takes great care with my packages. He even hides them, if needed. He knows we get home late and live in the boonies so he makes our house one of his last stops. I think really that he just likes to play with our doggy, Frisco, because he will ring the doorbell and just wait when he knows we are home. Then he spends a few minutes playing with Frisco and gives him treats.

The other one is for our Mail Carrier, whom we found out at a family reunion, a few years back, that she was related to us. Hey, enough said....our mail is handled with care, unless she's on vacation! lol

My husband and I decided to give them both gifts cards to use as they like. They deserve it.

The cut file is a paid file from You can click on the link to purchase. It's called Delivery Man. I used my Cameo to turn the file into a card and create the logos.

side view