Sunday, June 5, 2016

Wedding Card

Card Request ~ Creative card Angels ~ Shabby Chic Wedding Card

Whew boy!!  This one here almost took my breath away!! Fist of all I have never done anything Shabby Chic before, so I had to go to Mr. Google to get some ideas.   The wedding colors are a Pastel Springy type.  I tried to match the card to her colors.

I designed this card from scratch.  It was a process trying to line everything up and cut it just right. A week and a half process at that!!!  (In fairness, I was sick most of that week and a half).

Even though it took me a while to complete. I love the final outcome.  I will make this my go to wedding card since it easily be personalized now that it's done.
 Here's a close up. I used the Silhouette Rhinestone feature to create the holes around the heart. Then I popped up the first layer and added another color beneath.
This is her wedding bouquet that I tried to match. Aren't these colors gorgeous?

Have an awesome day!!!!