Friday, July 8, 2016

Cadet card/Inspirational Card

I made this card for my friend's nephew who is in ROTC boot camp for a few weeks this summer. He will also be celebrating his birthday while there. She wanted to give him some encouragement and cheer and asked for Creative Card Angels (FB group) to send him cards.

I didn't have any camouflage cardstock so I made my own. (see samples below). I Googled Camo background paper and printed it out. I think that they turned out pretty good.

Inside: Cameo print and Cut  ( names obscured for privacy)
I made the buttons out of cardstock to avoid the extra bulkiness when mailing.
I added a magnetic snap to help keep it close.
Here's the cardstock I made!!!  I am so excited!!!  I just love it!!!!  I did them doublesided, perfect for making shirt cards. They are 12x12 so I can get more use out of one piece.
Thanks for stopping by!!!