Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Stocking Stuffers

I made these cute little boxes to hold the hand painted tweezers that I picked up at Sally's Beauty Supply store. Thanks to my friend Brenda for posting them on Facebook. I wanted to give them to my employees but I didn't know how to add it to their Christmas gift bags.  Then I saw a post on my friend, Felisa's blog. She posted a cute little box she made to hold the ones she purchased. So I went on a hunt into the Silhouette store and found a Santa Pen Holder box.  I modified it to fit the tweezers.

The tweezers are hand painted on the front and back. The backside is painted as a reflection of the front. I thought they were so cute. I tried to match each one with the personalities of my employees. I wanted to buy them all! (but I didn't) lol
Here's some pictures of the tweezers. 
I love how each one has a little doggy. I also love the variety of ethnicities that they carried.
 Set 2
They were really simple to put together. Here's my production line.

More views (close ups)

Happy Holidays!!


  1. Great idea and beautiful execution. This is not my year for paper projects. It's all about the house and of course the grandkids....

  2. I love not only those clever little boxes, but those tweezers are the bomb!!

  3. I just LOVE these!!! I am so glad I was able to enable you like you enable me for so much stuff!! LOL thanks for sharing!!