Thursday, June 1, 2017

Graduation Cards

We had three graduates in our family recently, two on the same weekend! All headed to college! What a Blessing!

I made each card (3) in their school colors,  On the inside, I personalized the image to fit their activity/personality while in school. 

The first card is for our cousin Alysia.  She's a beautiful young lady that I'm sure will be doing great things in college.
 Inside of Alysia's card
 This one is for our cousin Marcus, the track star! He has a scholarship to college. We looking forward to seeing him excel in his academics as well as in track and field.
 Inside of Marcus's card
 This one is for our cousin "Jay".  Jay played football in school until he injured his knee. He's much better now and is planning on playing football in college. We can't wait for that!
  Inside of Jay's card

We are so very proud of each one of them!

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