Friday, October 11, 2013

Masculine Birthday Cards

Hello, it's Danita from! Happy Fall Y'all!!!

For my project this month I decided to challenge myself by making cards for men.

I find masculine cards to be extremely difficult to make for me because I love adding bling to my cards and you can't add bling to a "man card"! I always try to get my husband's opinion on my cards, especially for males. I must have done okay because I didn't get the "that's too shiny" remark from him.

Here's his birthday card, which by the time this posts he will have finally seen.  I stressed over this really bad!  It had to be just perfect for him. He's in a fraternity (Kappa Alpha Psi). I tricked him into posing for this picture throwing up his fraternity sign.  The little diamond to the left is also his fraternity's symbol and has the word Nupe on it.
Here's the inside
I made this card for my daughter's boyfriend. I got the idea from a lady on You-tube (via my friend, Felisa) by the name of  Doreen.  You can see her video here. I am so appreciative of her sharing her idea with us.

                                                                        The inside                                                            
The matching card box
This last one for today is really simple, but fun.  I got the inspiration from Pinterest.
It's a shirt card that I added little kerchiefs to.
I ended up really enjoying the challenge, so I will be posting a few more Masculine Cards in the near future.  Be sure to check back soon!
Thanks for looking!