Saturday, July 4, 2015

Cards made with the Misti Stamping Tool

I finally got to try out the Misti Stamping Tool on the retreat I went on last week. I must say that I am impressed! I never would have gotten these images this clear without it. The red flower one is a 3 layer stamp. While I didn't choose the best colors for it, I like the effect. I have always had trouble with stamping on dark cardstock. I either put too much ink or not enough. I stamped the black one very light at first, then repeated it until I got a clear, solid white image.
This is the white ink on black cardstock. The stamp is Stampin Up Thoughts and Prayers 1.
This is Stampin Up Lotus Blossum. Like I said before, I didn't you the best colors but you get the idea. lol
The Misti is pricey (you know I got it when she had a sale) but I think it is well worth it. If you buy it direct from the seller, My Sweet Petunia, it's about $10.00 cheaper than the other vendor that is selling them.
Now if you Google it, there are a few DIY stamping tools out there that you can use instead.

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